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Startup, ECommerce

Project Overview

Lozi & Gabe, a beach-focused baby products company, needed an eCommerce website that was easy for their founders to manage and expand as the business grew. The site had to appeal to a style-conscious audience while maintaining a personal touch.

The Challenge

The goal was to design an easy-to-navigate website with high conversion rates which still felt relatable. Since over 60% of users are browsing on mobile devices, it was crucial to ensure mobile responsiveness and fast page load speeds.


For this project, a well produced Brand Identity was already in place and provided a solid foundation for the project. Using this direction, I researched comparable sites selling a limited number of products. From this, I produced wireframe prototypes of the site to ensure a fundamentally sound User Experience.

Once the client was happy, the custom design layout was transferred into a premium Shopify template to minimize the development time. Custom code changes were made as required. From there, I built out the detail design including; section design, responsive layouts, photography selection, iconography, and embedded video content. Additionally I built out the back-end of the store which included setting up shipping, discounts, product information, and social media integration.

Finally performance monitoring was setup via Google Analytics, and the site was QA checked before handover.

Key Features

  1. Built using Shopify, which reduced build time and allowed for an easy to maintain website as the business grows.
  2. Embedded video demonstrating the flagship product, enhancing user engagement.
  3. Well design UX which directs the visitor without being too pushy.
  4. Mobile-responsive design, ensuring a great experience for all visitors, regardless of device.

Technologies Used

  • Figma (Design)
  • Shopify (Development, ECommerce)
  • Google Analytics (Performance Monitoring)


Delivered a simple-to-use, mobile-responsive website that effectively showcases Lozi & Gabe's unique brand identity.

In Partnership with

Leah Beckley (Brand Strategy, Copywriting) leahbeckley.com/