"James helped us create a user dashboard for Recova that makes it easy for our customers to see how our platform helps their business and quickly understand important information. What makes James stand out is his knowledge of how products are actually built, which meant he gave us a design that was straightforward to build."

Malte Niepel, CEO


  • UX Research
  • UX/UI Design




Project Overview

Recova are a Hamburg-based SaaS startup building award-winning visitor recovery tooling for Ecommerce companies such as Porsche Design, Tefal and Krups.

Allen-Thompson were commissioned to design the dashboard used by Recova's paying customers to display key value metrics, making it clear where and how the tool added value.

The Challenge

Development resources were limited, so the main challenge here was to create a well-designed dashboard to be used mainly by marketing teams, whilst making sure it would be quick and simple to build. It had to be clear to the users where Recova is adding value.


Because of the resource constraints, we took the decision to use a component library to reduce build complexity. After comparing options with the development team we settled on Bootstrap due to the large component selection, comprehensive documentation and simplicity.

We interviewed the founders and users and identified functional requirements for the project:

  1. Surface 5 key metrics for a specified date range (Revenue, Attributed Revenue, CTR, Redirects, Clicks)
  2. Date range is user adjustable
  3. Easy to access help documentation from within the dashboard
  4. User can Logout easily

Another important thing we learned from the interviews is that not all data is captured, because cookie consent is required from each user. To ensure this was clear to the users we added an extra metric to the requirements, a 'data completeness' value. This transparency avoids miscommunication within marketing teams when delivering reports.

After feedback on the initial wireframes, the information architecture was adjusted to spread the 5 metrics across four main dashboard pages:

  1. Overview: Showing all five metrics
  2. Revenue: Showing Total Revenue and Attributed Revenue (revenue generated from using
  3. User Engagement: Redirects, Top Selling Products, Conversion Rate, CTR
  4. Tool Performance: Showing Average Order Value

With this solid architecture foundation we selected suitable graph types, tables, data pickers, and large text callouts to clearly display the data. To further simplify the dashboard each metric was given its own colour and iconography which tied in with the existing brand style.

Technologies Used:

  • Figma (Design)
  • Bootstrap library
  • ChatGPT (Ideation of Information architecture)


A professional SaaS dashboard design which clearly shows key metrics for Recova's customers, and shows exactly how revenue generation the tool is responsible for creating. It was put into production with very minimal development overhead due to the use of a suitable component library.