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3D Design & Production

Project Overview

Silaverse, a 3D production studio, approached me with a design concept for their website. They needed a developer to bring their vision to life, create an easily maintainable site, and showcase their stunning video content.

The Challenge

The main challenge was delivering high-quality video content to visitors while maintaining fast page load speeds on both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, the client needed an easy way to upload new video content to their website.


I developed a fully custom-built website using Webflow, ensuring it was both visually appealing and easily maintainable by the client.

Key Features

  1. Fast global content delivery through Vimeo-hosted videos.
  2. Built-in CMS capabilities for 'Projects' and 'People' pages, allowing the client to expand their site without extra development work.
  3. Full-screen video on the homepage, with videos that scale to accommodate window dimensions.
  4. Custom carousel for video and image content, enhancing user experience.

Technologies Used

- Webflow (Development, CMS)

- Figma (Design)

- fullPage.js (Fullscreen video)

- Splide (Custom content carousel)

- Vimeo (Video Hosting)


The result was a professional, high-quality, and fast-loading website that effectively showcases Silaverse's impressive 3D production work.