The Buchan

Business Outcome

Achieves 17% conversion rate on main CTA vs 1% industry average.


  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development (Webflow)


The Buchan Glentrool

Live Site


Sustainable Tourism

Project Overview

The Buchan Glentrool is a unique 17th Century sustainable holiday property sat amidst pristine Scottish countryside. The owners commissioned Allen-Thompson to deliver updated branding, website design and development to primarily showcase the history and beauty of the property, whilst guiding users towards the 3rd-party booking platform.

The Challenge

The Buchan has been designed purposely to be self-sufficient and off-grid; without wifi or externally generated electricity. The challenge was to capture this dedication to serenity, whilst providing a modern-feeling web experience. The booking is handled by a 3rd-party provider, and as such the site was to be used as an informational source for sustainability enthusiasts rather than follow a conversion-focussed, CTA-laden design.


A single-page design became the canvas for The Buchan's story, leading visitors on a virtual journey from booking to the property's eco-principles.

A serendipitous contribution from a former guest provided a bird's eye view of the majestic surroundings through drone cinematography, which became the centerpiece of our hero section, complemented by subtle text animations that echoed the flight above The Buchan's canopy.

The design palette drew from vintage architectural books, balancing classic and rustic tones, while the logo took shape from the iconic outline of Bruce's Stone, a silent guardian of the landscape's lore.

Key Features:

  1. A clear call-to-action (CTA) for seamless booking experience.
  2. A visually striking hero video that encapsulates the expanse and allure of The Buchan's setting.
  3. Brand aesthetic which reflects the property's past and relationship with nature.
  4. Mobile-responsive layout, ensuring a great experience for all visitors.

Technologies Used:

  • Figma (Design)
  • Webflow (Development)
  • Google Analytics (Performance Monitoring)


A high-impact, informative website that doesn't just tell a story — it invites the user to step into it.